The Signal and Noise Review

It’s All Happening: Commissure at Retox Lounge
By Keith Axline

If you peak early during Frisco Freakout at Thee Parkside tomorrow, take the short walk over to Retox Lounge for a dreamy come down with Commissure. Their name is an anatomical label for the meeting of nerve fibers, whether it’s between the two hemi spheres of the brain or two lips of a labia (thanks wikipedia!), which pro vides intense imagery for the quartet’s wandering jams. Calotypes is a favorite of mine from their self-released Stars Could Care Less(2009).
Carlos Reyes Jr. started the band as a solo project back in 2006 and slowly added Gonzalo Gonzalez (Gonz); his brother, Henry; and most recently, Matt Galasti who they met through their bro-band Clarissa Explains It All. Ten years ago, Carlos says, Tortoise’s TNT first showed him the path toward instru men tal enlight en ment and now Commissure busts out intense, vocal-less songs made of distortion, delay and reverb.
Stars was recorded at the Atomic Garden in Palo Alto under the direction of pro­ducer Jack Shirley.
The boys also took a small tour to the Southwest at the beginning of the year and wrote a detailed tour diary, which I'm a sucker for (they can be useful for other bands contemplating a cross-country tour).
Commissure plays with The Shia Labeoufs, The Trees, Ocelot and Press B to Melee. Show at 8pm.


The Siren Sounds

Commissure is a four piece band from San Francisco, California United States. Self describe Low-fi bedroom rockers, COMMISSURE are reminiscent of artists such as MOGWAI, MONO, RED SPAROWES, ISIS, and many more with their heavy syncopation, slow builds, and amazing crescendos.( Amazing sound and yes Mogwai fans no doubt. Goodness if I keep receiving sounds like these I might have to re-draft 2009 top 50. Commissure is not much of a bigger deal at all. They are just solid instrumental post-rock BUT its also what we all LOVE to hear ).
Artist – Commissure
Album – Stars Could Care Less
Release Date – 2009
Genre – Instrumental, Post-rock


XY We Dance Together

Strange California band, exciting play after rolling. Commissure with a full and rich music moved me deeply the impact of the big bang the sky to extend their traditional San Dajian the essence of instrumental rock, and full of tenderness. There is no doubt that this album can be ranked on my one-year record in the candidate and get a good position.


You Will Move

If you like bands like Mogwai, godisanastronaut, or Explosions In The Sky, or if you're like me and you just like to listen to some chill, mellow music every now and then, I think you might enjoy this neat bundle of beautiful songs written by a group of Bay Area youngsters who seem to have a firm grasp on how to craft simple, yet enthralling melodies.

Commissure's Stars Could Care Less is a self-released album by this up-and coming band from San Francisco. They do draw heavily from bands like Mogwai, but they have a more "loose" feel, which makes them even more enjoyable. These songs have a jamming session feel to them, flowing seamlessly between rhythm transitions and guitar lines. Some might cringe at the "demo" quality of the album, but to me, that helps to set the vibe of the album. And even when it is not an ultra polished recording, you can hear every note and bass line clearly, and that's all you need. It is almost soothing to listen to songs like 1249 or Midnight 40's With Patti Mayonnaise, and I could see some of my reefer-loving readers getting into this after smoking a fatty. These are beautifully crafted instrumental songs you should listen with a good pair of headphones while relaxing in your bed, feeling the hypnotic vibe of these songs. There are some cathartic moments, but nothing too heavy or drastic that could take away from the overall aural experience, so those of you who are scared of growlers and down tuned breakdowns don't have to worry about that (you fucking hippies).

I do not listen to this kind of music very often, but when i do, i can appreciate how good some of these bands are. Commissure may not win any new fans among the "ultra-gore-brutality" crowd, but those of you who are familiar with the bands I mentioned in the first paragraph should give this album a spin. I read they have a split coming up, and I can only guess it's going to be as good as this album. If you're into mellow, instrumental music, you owe it to yourself to check these guys out. You can get this album for less than ten dollars here, or you want to preview the album, you can listen to the album on their Last FM profile.


AMIGO FEST (9/19/09)

Amigo Fest in the Mission Saturday night at SubMission Art Gallery, a very cool venue.Koalacaust, an awesome punk band with an accordion player… very rad. Lead singer has a great voice, very Tim Armstrong-esque and has no shame… he performed wearing a masking tape man-thong… and rocked it. Their bass player is in my law class at state.
The highlight of the night was Commissure, an amazing ambiant rock band. Reminded me of Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros… lots of potential. After a fairly agonizing night they really effected me. Seriously… check them out.
Turned out to be a pretty good night… at the end of which some cute hipster passed me his name and number on a small piece of white paper… his shirt said, no joke “I fuck like a beast”…… uh yeeeeah right"