Dec 21, 2010


hey everyone,
our next show is at submission. next tuesday. it's our final show of the year. we're playing with some rad bands: werr, owl paws & my dads (from portland). all super cool bands & people. try to come out, it should be a great one!

Dec 10, 2010

Thanks to everyone that came out to El Rio last night! Had a lot of fun. Check out this video of us playing "Destroyers"(big ups for Dominic on bass!)

Dec 8, 2010


hey everyone,

been spending the last few days fixing the page. we added a bunch of stuff on here to check out. you can view 'em by clicking the links at the top of the page. a few pages are still under construction and the others will be worked on. but for now check out what we have. contribute to the poll. leave comments if you wish, it all helps. thanks!


Dec 6, 2010

NEXT SHOW: december 9, 2010.

we're playing with our friends, granted earth, from monterey! also playing with sf's distance from shelter.
come out if ya can.

post one.

hey everyone,

we just made a blog. we'll be posting news, videos and other goodies & random stuff we feel like posting. just starting out, so hang in there. we'll fix this page up.

hope you all enjoy.